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Experience the profound and emotive journey captured in Susie Griffin’s “Becoming.” This striking piece unveils the transformative power of releasing dark emotions within a context of safety, symbolized through a woman’s expressive figure depicted in grayscale.

With her arms outstretched and her face captured in a scream, the woman’s chaotic expression evokes a visceral sense of raw emotion, a moment of letting go. The tumultuous tossing of her hair represents the forceful release of pent-up feelings. Delicate flowers bloom upon her, a poignant visual of the beauty that blossoms as a result of releasing turbulent emotions.

Set against a textured gray backdrop, the image embodies the tumultuous process of expelling toxic emotions. Black splatter paint further accentuates the chaos, reflecting the powerful moment of letting go and the chaos inherent in emotional release.

This painting’s genesis is rooted in a momentous live social media feed, engaging nearly 4,000 viewers in a communal release of emotions. Participants submitted words and emotions they sought to let go of, inscribed on the canvas before being wholly painted over. The resulting image is a visual testament to this journey of release and renewal.

While the original words are concealed, the profound energy from this moment resonates, captured in the final artwork. It’s a beautiful reminder that in letting go, one often discovers new layers of beauty and growth. The imagery reflects this transformative process, even in its concealment of the original intentions.

Printed on luster finish paper with archival inks, these prints immortalize the poignant story of release and transformation. With each size featuring a 1/4″ margin for framing, this artwork is thoughtfully crafted to seamlessly integrate into your space, delivering a powerful narrative of release and emotional growth.

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