Capt. Squatch Washington Women’s Racerback Tank Top



Introducing our incredible racerback tank top featuring Susie Griffin’s original artwork “Capt. Squatch”! This striking design showcases a Sasquatch wearing a WWII pilot helmet and aviator glasses, reflecting the breathtaking beauty of the Pacific Northwest mountains. With the words “Somewhere in Washington” beneath the image, this tank top captures the essence of mystery and adventure.

🎨 Artwork: “Capt. Squatch” by Susie Griffin Susie Griffin’s artwork combines mythical allure with a touch of history. The enigmatic Sasquatch, adorned with a vintage pilot helmet and aviator glasses, embodies a sense of curiosity and connection to the picturesque landscapes of the Pacific Northwest.

💃 Comfortable and Stylish Racerback Tank Top Our racerback tank top is designed to provide both comfort and style. Made from high-quality materials, it offers a soft and lightweight feel, making it perfect for those warm summer days or intense workouts. The slim-fit racerback design adds a touch of femininity and allows for unrestricted movement.

🌲 Embrace the Spirit of the Pacific Northwest The artwork on this tank top captures the allure of the Pacific Northwest mountains, transporting you to the mystical landscapes that inspired the legend of Sasquatch. It’s a symbol of your love for adventure, nature, and the mysteries that lie hidden within.

🎁 Perfect Gift for Adventure Enthusiasts Looking for a unique and thoughtful gift? This racerback tank top is an ideal choice for adventure enthusiasts, nature lovers, and fans of Sasquatch mythology. Give them a piece of wearable art that combines style, comfort, and the spirit of exploration. Embrace the mystery and adventure with our “Capt. Squatch” racerback tank top. Whether you’re exploring the Pacific Northwest or simply appreciating its beauty from afar, this tank top allows you to carry the spirit of adventure wherever you go.

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