Glacier Receding – original


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Susie Griffin’s “Glacier Receding” is an original artwork that eloquently captures the narrative of Mendenhall Glacier’s environmental impact. This emotive piece, measuring 24″ x 36″ x 3/4″, represents a profound exploration of our responsibility to the environment.

On stretched canvas, this artwork employs an abstract style, transitioning from serene whites to vibrant blues, reflecting the glacier’s depths. The striking poem intricately layered upon the canvas illustrates the concept of receding, with the word “Mendenhall” dissipating line by line, symbolizing the glacier’s gradual retreat.

The original embroidery brings this narrative to life, with black fibers forming the poem and red threads, reminiscent of melting ice, cascading down to culminate in a heart, portraying the environmental impact. This original embroidery encapsulates the emotional intricacies and depth and enhances the textural quality of this original artwork.

“Glacier Receding” serves as a powerful catalyst for reflection on climate change, inviting contemplation on our interconnectedness with the environment. This artwork is an eloquent and visually striking addition to any space, encouraging contemplation and fostering a deeper connection to environmental consciousness.

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