Got Your 6ix – framable print



Vibrant celebration and meaningful support define Susie Griffin’s “Got your 6ix” LGBTQ+ ally framable prints. This striking artwork captures the spirited essence of a video by TikTok content creator @Ryker.inth.6ix, showcasing their face in captivating greyscale adorned with rainbow-colored stripes of paint.

But this piece is more than just an artistic expression; it’s a powerful symbol of solidarity and support for LGBTQ+ communities. Embracing the spirit of inclusivity and love, “Got your 6ix” is a visual testament to the beauty and strength found in diversity.

What makes this artwork even more special is its commitment to making a positive impact. A portion of the proceeds from every purchase goes to, a commendable organization working tirelessly to provide essential resources and support to LGBTQ+ individuals in their area. By bringing this print into your space, you not only adorn your walls with stunning art but also contribute to a cause that uplifts and empowers.

The prints are meticulously crafted on luster finish paper using high-quality inks designed to retain their vivid colors for nearly a century. Each size comes with a convenient internal 1/4″ margin around the image, making framing a breeze.

So, whether you’re drawn to the artistic allure of this piece or motivated by the desire to support a meaningful cause, “Got your 6ix” invites you to be a part of something beautiful. Let your space resonate with the energy of acceptance, love, and the vibrant hues of change.

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8×10, 11×14, 16×20, 20×24



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