Once Upon a Time Love – framable print



Embark on a tale of endearing affection and charm with “Once Upon a Time Love” by Susie Griffin, an engaging print featuring a delightful blend of colors and symbols that narrate a captivating love story.

This enchanting artwork boasts bold aqua, green, and red block letters spelling out “Once Upon a Time” while the word “Love” elegantly intertwines in brown cursive. The tail of the word “Love” extends, gracefully framing the phrase and culminating in a heart shape. At the heart’s peak sits a pair of enchanting love birds, adorning the letters and becoming the focal point of this endearing tale.

Against a textured white backdrop, newsprint ink transfer patterns and playful splatter paint complement the story, adding depth and character to this heartfelt visual narrative. The intricate details and delightful elements—letters, cursive, birds, and the affectionate heart—create a rich and engaging storytelling experience.

Printed on luster finish paper with high-quality inks, these prints ensure lasting vibrancy and the preservation of the artwork’s original charm for nearly a century. Each size variation of the print comes with an accommodating 1/4″ margin around the image, making the framing process effortless.

Captivating and heartwarming, this artwork invites you into a whimsical realm of affection and enchantment. Display it proudly in your living space or office, infusing the surroundings with the warmth and sentiment of a timeless love story. “Once Upon a Time Love” serves as a daily reminder of love’s captivating essence, adding a touch of romance and charm to your chosen space.

Allow the artistic romance of “Once Upon a Time Love” to grace your surroundings and breathe new life into your decor, recounting the tale of affection and joy every day.

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