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AI & Artists

photo of paint brushes with a quote by Albert Einstein on top. Quote reads "It would be possible to describe everything scientifically, but it would make no sense; it would be without meaning, as if you described a Beethoven symphony as a variation of wave pressure."

I’ve been thinking lately about AI, and the idea that it could “replace artists and other creatives.” I cannot argue with the brilliance of this software, but this line of logic is forgetting half the equation. 

Creativity is one of the cornerstones of humanity. Humans NEED to be creative. It’s a measure of our existence. The value of producing art is twofold: the product that is created AND the profound and emotionally impactful ACT of creating.

There are entire fields in in psychology that explore the benefit of creating art as an avenue to greater mental and emotional health.

Artists and creatives have a special ability to bring the humanity into the act of creation. They are gifted at turning the most commonly held emotions, which are intangible, and packaging them in a way that one of our senses can understand. The music of love. The images of heartbreak. The textures that evoke the feeling of chaos or comfort.

The It isn’t only about the artwork produced. It’s about the love, energy, time and meaning that went into the creation. This is a visceral thread that connects humans to one another, and one that can’t be quantified with science. There is a connection made from artist to audience that is richer and warmer. With AI, a creation takes place, but it lacks this connection. It feels cold by comparison because it lacks the ability to replicate complex emotions or subjective experiences.

Simply put, comparing the art of AI and the art of a human is like the difference between a Twinkie and a home made cake. Both are desserts, but only one is handmade with love. The act and time of creation and the intent of conveying emotion is felt in the final product.

The product is important. Yes.

But THIS rich and time-weathered ingredient of humanity is what makes art valuable.