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“Bubbles the Fishie,” Susie Griffin’s charming creation, captivates with a blend of whimsy and depth. The greyscale portrayal of a goldfish in quiet isolation against a deep green backdrop draws the viewer in, the fish’s eyes casting a magnetic gaze that sparks an immediate connection.

This print serves as a delightful accent for any space, offering a serene, yet engaging, addition to your decor. Its versatility in various print sizes allows you to tailor the experience, while the luster finish paper and high-quality inks promise a lasting vibrancy, securing a visual treat for almost a century.

The innocent, direct stare of Bubbles is almost like a little friend adorning your wall, offering an endearing, ever-watchful presence. There’s an unspoken conversation occurring, one that invites you to ponder, reflect, and just enjoy the simple beauty of a fish’s silent narrative.

Bubbles the Fishie isn’t just a mere print; it’s an understated yet powerful artistic reflection. It signifies the beauty in simplicity, the grace in quiet moments, and the unspoken tales that can fill a room.

This print whispers tranquility while adding an unexpected touch of character to your living space. Whether it graces your bedroom, living room, or office, it serves as a gentle reminder of the value in the subtle and the joy found in unexpected connections.

Take home Bubbles the Fishie today and welcome an everlasting sense of peace and warmth into your world, preserving this delightful moment for years to come. An adorable, comforting presence, this fishie is here to brighten your day, every day.

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8×10, 11×14, 16×20, 20×24


1 review for Bubbles the Fishie – famable print

  1. Susie

    “This one has my whole heart.” – Christina

    • Susie

      We can’t agree more, Christina! 🙂 (Christina’s comment was imported from our old website.)

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