Just a Phone Call Away – framable print



Reconnect with the beauty of meaningful relationships as you explore Susie Griffin’s “Just a Phone Call Away.” This grayscale artwork features a vintage candlestick phone with a distinctive green cord spiraling upward. Against a textured cream-colored background, it captures the essence of staying connected through good communication.

The inspiration behind this piece is deeply personal. It’s a tribute to the enduring friendship between the artist and her best friend, a bond that has spanned over two decades and continues to thrive through the simple act of a weekly phone call.

As you gaze upon “Just a Phone Call Away,” you’re invited to reflect on the importance of maintaining and nurturing connections in your own life. It’s a gentle reminder of the power of regular communication in keeping relationships strong and enduring.

These framable prints of “Just a Phone Call Away” are more than just art; they’re a celebration of human connection. Created on luster finish paper with high-quality inks, they promise to retain their vivid color for generations to come. Each print includes an internal 1/4″ margin around the image, making them ready to be framed and displayed in your space.

Invite “Just a Phone Call Away” into your home and let it serve as a reminder of the beauty that unfolds when we stay connected with the people we care about. This artwork is a testament to the lasting value of friendship and the enduring joy of hearing a familiar voice just a phone call away.

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