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The framable print of Susie Griffin’s “Wolf Eye” is a captivating piece of wildlife art, offering a close-up view of a white wolf’s face, the focal point being the piercing and wise eye. “Wolf Eye” is part of a spectacular triptych series, which also features “Tiger Eye” and “Horse Eye,” each a unique glimpse into the animal kingdom’s most intriguing gazes.

Our framable prints of “Wolf Eye” are designed to capture the exquisite details and emotions of this artwork. Produced on luster finish paper with high-quality inks that retain their vibrancy for nearly a century, these prints are a testament to both artistry and longevity. With the confidence of knowing your investment will maintain its stunning appearance, you can enjoy “Wolf Eye” for generations to come.

We offer various sizes to cater to your preference, each thoughtfully designed to fit seamlessly into your chosen frame. As an additional convenience, every print includes a 1/4″ internal border around the image. This feature ensures an effortless and flawless framing process so you can showcase “Wolf Eye” with the ease it deserves.

Whether you’re an ardent lover of wildlife art, a connoisseur of exceptional craftsmanship, or someone who simply appreciates the enigmatic beauty of an animal’s gaze, “Wolf Eye” and its triptych companions offer a timeless and meaningful addition to your decor. You can choose to display them individually or as a set, allowing you to curate your space according to your personal style.

Embrace the soulful wisdom of the white wolf’s eye, and bring the allure of the animal kingdom into your home with Susie Griffin’s “Wolf Eye” framable print. This remarkable piece will undoubtedly leave a lasting impression on your heart and the hearts of those who encounter it.

Secure your “Wolf Eye” prints today and welcome the enigmatic spirit of the white wolf into your living space, where it will continue to captivate and inspire.

This item is made to order and not available for return.

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