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Susie Griffin’s “Goodbye” framable print invites you to embark on an emotional journey through the art of conversation. This print faithfully reproduces the original artwork, allowing you to infuse your living space with its deep and resonant message.

The composition of “Goodbye” is a harmonious fusion of elements, starting with a subtle grey backdrop adorned with delicate newsprint transfers of sports scores. This choice pays homage to an era when communication was penned on pages, evoking the nostalgia of handwritten letters and subtly reminding us to not keep score in relationships.

Central to the artwork is the vintage black and white rotary phone, an iconic symbol of a bygone era that takes center stage. Its presence elicits a profound sense of nostalgia, echoing a time when communication held a tangible weight. The absence of cords signifies the disconnection between the listener and the speaker, capturing the essence of a final conversation.

The true brilliance of “Goodbye” unfolds in its 1960s textile-inspired shapes that gracefully flow across the canvas. These abstract forms symbolize the fluidity of a conversation, tracing the arc from the familiar “hello” to the poignant “goodbye.” Each shape encapsulates the journey of a listener, with the top of the shape mirroring expressive eyebrows and its lower portion forming the contours of a mouth.

The carefully chosen color palette of the shapes further enriches the narrative, reflecting the ever-changing mood of a conversation. From the light and hopeful “hello!” to the somber and reflective “goodbye,” the hues mirror the emotional rollercoaster of saying farewell.

This collection of “Goodbye” framable prints isn’t just art; it’s a visual testament to human connection, nostalgia, and the inevitable ebb and flow of conversations. Whether gracing your living room or office, these prints spark thought-provoking conversations and serve as timeless reflections of the beauty and complexity of human communication.

Elevate your space with depth and meaning by choosing “Goodbye” framable prints by Susie Griffin. Order now to immerse yourself in the emotions it will evoke each time you gaze upon it.

Our framable prints are crafted with precision, using high-quality luster finish paper and inks that endure for nearly a century. Each print size includes a convenient 1/4″ margin for easy framing. Please note that this item is custom-made and not eligible for returns.

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