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Step into the world of emotion and vulnerability with Susie Griffin’s “Hope,” a mesmerizing artwork that tells the story of every woman. In this journey through symbolism and artistry, Hope, the central figure, becomes a representation of strength, joy, and the universal struggles we all face.

Starting from the ground up, her sassy boots signify the spunk within her nature, while the cage beneath her skirt holds her secret treasures—the small, random joys that form the foundation of her character. This cage has no door, safeguarding her happiness, which is uniquely hers and untouchable by external forces.

Hope’s waifish form reflects her internal struggle with feelings of inadequacy and vulnerability. Despite her strength, the winds of adversity feel threatening. Her elongated neck, concealed by a turtleneck, symbolizes the vulnerability she attempts to hide. On her head, two feathers speak of her royal essence and the pain she endures. It’s a reminder that she’s a princess, a fact that defines her, even if it’s not always at the forefront of her mind.

A solitary tear falls from her eye, a poignant acknowledgment that life is challenging. Dangling from her hand is a spider, representing her fears—sticky and hard to shake. Yet, she faces them, acknowledging her humanity and refusing to let fear define her.

Hope’s gaze is set on her hopes and dreams, symbolized by the budding tree. The branches signify the growth she envisions for herself, a future where dreams match reality. Holding her hopes high, she treasures them, even when the burden becomes difficult to bear. The roots digging into her upraised arm symbolize the struggle, and the glove represents her coping strategies—tools to shield her until her dreams are fully realized.

Susie Griffin’s “Hope” is not just an artwork; it’s a narrative, an exploration of the complexities within every woman. Each print, meticulously created on luster finish paper with high-quality inks, captures the essence of Hope’s journey. With an internal 1/4″ margin for framing, these prints invite you to delve into the intricate layers of emotion and strength woven into the fabric of “Hope.”

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