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Discover the essence of contemporary narrative in Susie Griffin’s “Social Media.” This captivating piece delves into the intricate relationship between a woman and the profound impact of digital life. The imagery speaks volumes as it navigates the often intense connection between individuals and the all-encompassing force of social media.

Griffin’s original acrylic artwork was created live on a social media feed, merging the perspectives of an engaged audience. Words that embody the spectrum of social media experiences—positive or negative—initially filled the canvas, becoming the foundational layer of this layered masterpiece.

A striking female form, born of social media beauty filters, stands gracefully amidst sketched high-rise buildings, embodying both defiance and vulnerability. Her ethereal hair cascades like ocean waves while lotus flowers gently adorn her head, a testament to her innate grace and natural order.

Two contrasting hands envelop her, each representing the dichotomy of the modern online world. The left hand, embodying the digital realm, hovers gently, nudging her voice and quieting her thoughts. It’s a reflection of how social media can inspire or silence. The other, emerging from a blue-tinged mechanism of gears, symbolizes industry, constantly churning content with a mechanical rhythm, etching an indelible imprint on her life. The art eloquently captures the allure and apprehension of getting entangled in the gears of this digital construct.

The painting style is deliberate, embracing the imperfect and hurried strokes that mirror the swift production and filtering process common in today’s digital landscape.

Printed on lustrous archival paper using high-quality inks, this artwork’s vibrant hues promise longevity, a testament to its enduring quality. Each print size comes with a framing-friendly 1/4″ border. Please note, different sizes may result in slight cropping.

*Kindly note, this artwork is made-to-order and non-returnable.

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