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Capturing the essence of Mendenhall Glacier’s narrative in “Glacier Receding,” Susie Griffin’s profound artwork is an emotive exploration of environmental responsibility. With a captivating abstract style, the piece transitions from pristine whites to the rich, vibrant blues of the glacier’s serene depths. The striking poem layered upon the backdrop meticulously echoes the concept of receding, showcasing the word “Mendenhall” dissipating line by line, portraying the glacier’s gradual retreat. The artwork’s unique interplay of gradients represents this poignant environmental message, inviting reflection on climate responsibility.

The original embroidery poignantly brought this narrative to life with black fibers shaping the poem and red threads, reminiscent of melting ice, forming fluid, downward drips that, intriguingly, culminate in a heart. While these intricate details aren’t present in the prints, they vividly recall the emotional intricacies portrayed in the original.

“Glacier Receding” serves as a catalyst for contemplation, exploring the emotional nuances surrounding climate change. It’s a conversation starter, evoking thoughts about the interconnected relationship between humanity and our environment. Each reproduction mirrors the emotional depth of the original piece, meticulously preserving the intricate gradations and soul-stirring message.

Printed on luster finish paper with archival inks, these prints ensure a lasting legacy of the original’s vibrant colors and impactful imagery for nearly a century. With a 1/4″ margin for framing, this artwork becomes an eloquent addition to your space, inviting reflection and a deeper connection to environmental consciousness.

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